South of Factory no.44 - 四四南村

There are a few areas of old houses turned into "art villages" or other cultural spots in Taipei. One of them is located right across from Taipei 101. It's really nice to find this old living quarters right next to the busy business and shopping area.
The area is called 四四南村, which means A Village South of the Factory no.44. For 50 years it used to be a residential area of cramped houses without running water and toilets. Many workers from the army factory no.44 lived there. And as it was south of that factory it started to be called village south of the factory. 

In 1999 a fire destroyed most of the houses and the residents were relocated. Some houses were restored and the area was opened to public. Now it houses restaurants, cafe's, small shops and a handicraft market on weekends.

Here are a few photos of the old houses and the new buildings surrounding them: