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Bubbles in Babel

Zosia finished her TOPS science book about Cohesion/Adhesion today. The last experiments were about ... bubbles.  Why do bubbles have a sphere shape?  How can we change their shape?  How do bubbles join together?  How to make really big bubbles?

Trip down the east coast

Finally! We got out of Taipei to enjoy the beauty of ... the rainy east coast.
Our trip started with an emergency stop just outside Taipei and later in I-lan to fill up the engine oil, which was leaking. Well, it looks like it's time to get a new car ...

The first day we drove to Hualian 花蓮 where we met with Tufe 土匪老師 (kids' nature class teacher) who showed us a really nice place to stay: Ocean View B&B 海傳民宿.