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Juming Museum Arts Education Lab

A few weeks ago Zosia was asked by Juming Museum 朱銘美術館 to share her experiences from summer camps she spent at the museum with other people. 

The task was not easy as it was supposed to show something that has changed her or sparked her interest in something. 

What has she come up with? Of course - photography! At one of the camps kids were asked to take pictures while rolling down the slope, to look at things from a different than usual perspective. And that's what she has started doing - Zosia's photos always show everyday things but from a different angle.

Cars lapbook

We haven't managed to finish this project before leaving for Poland, but it still took us many long hours to get it to the stage it is in now.
(My great big THANK YOU goes to Jessica from Homeschooling in Heels for providing her templates for others to use.)
Here is what we've done so far:

Conference and homeschooling in high school

Tim had an alternative schooling conference from 10th to 12th of June. He was one of the main organisers so he had to be there for whole three days from morning till night.

On the day I left for Poland Tim had another 'seminar'. This time it was about homeschooling in high school - the law allowing for kids to be homeschooled during the high school years has just been passed. Tim seems to be the only one who knows how the new law works and what is the application process. That's why he met with families who plan to homeschool in high school.

A loooong and hot weekend

We had a very busy weekend:
Saturday, as always kids had dance classes, but this Saturday was also June 4th - the Tiananmen 天安門 'incident' anniversary. Chinese writer-disident, Bei Ling 貝嶺, who is living now in Taipei and whom we know, has organised an art instalation/happening entitled "1001 chairs for Ai Weiwei 艾未未". Ai Weiwei is a Chinese artist who, on the way to Taiwan last year, was stopped at the Chinese airport and detained. He is still being held without a trial. The happening was interesting, but hasn't drown a big crowd. But still - kids and Tim got to the front page of the newspaper 

On Sunday after church we had friends over for lunch and afternoon tea. They will be leaving Taiwan soon and going to Canada. We will miss them ...

On Monday was a holiday - Dragon Boat Festival 端午節 so it was a great day to organise a big Polish-Taiwanese party at our place. Again we were saying good-bye a our friends who will be moving to Australia. The weat…

Drawing pagoda on computer

While mom was reading me a 100 year old (really!) Polish history book, I was drawing a pagoda with Paint. This is one of my most successful pictures...

by Zozo

Mr.Bone and his screwtack joints

The following post is by Zosia:

Last week mom gave me a large stack of worksheets. Some of them were taken out, some were copied from different workbooks. All were about the human skeleton and bones. It took me two days to fill them all in.
When I finished the last one, mom gave me two blue A4 sheets with a human skeleton printed on them.