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Skiing in Taipei!

I was not planning on writing about this here, but as Ania had so much fun at Ski School Taipei I had to mention this new place here.

Just a few weeks ago a new sport venue opened in Taipei - Ski School Taipei 台北滑雪學校. It's located in Neihu 內湖 (very close to Costco).
The set up is very simple - a giant slanted treadmill with brand new ski/snowboard boots and skis/snowboards and very nice people running it. And that's all that is needed to have fun on skis in Taipei!

The equipment is ready. 

Fitting the skis.

And off they go!

And here you can watch the real thing:

It's a good place to start your skiing adventure before you hit the slopes in winter!
If you would like to sign up for classes with Zosia, please go to her fanpage by clicking the photo on the right (or follow the LINK) and send her a message. 


  1. Na nartach i w krótkim rękawku. Też bym chciała! :-)

  2. My chcemy, my chcemy! Tylko czemu to tak daleko, u diaska?!


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