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A Stray Dog's Dream by Zozo

Dreaming about the soft pillows, I lick my wounds. Cool in the summer,  warm in the winter. That's how others live. Trying to live through every day,  hunting for myself. That's how I live.

a Hebrew poem

We've been learning about Hebrew poetry (the kind that's written in the Bible). It's not based on rhyme words, but on repeating or rewarding a line, expanding on a thought or stating the opposite.

Acrostics by Zozo

Millions of years of tremours and shaking, made the peak rise higher and higher. Oh seedling, growing before our eyes, covering mountain sides with green cotton puffs. Up from the branches we watch as our home prepares for its destruction. Neither of us can sing over the rumble of the mountain. Too late people realize the mountain's eruption. Ashes and lava prove its anger. Into the gray sky we flee, looking back at our home. Never again will it be the same as before. 

Tall skyscrapers reach my sky. As the countryside wind blows through my rice fields, Indigo sky reflects of my waves. Water once was here, in my dried out gorge. An amazing sunset awaits for you on my mountain peaks. Never jump off my dangerous, deadly cliffs.

Dear Deer poster

Jas has been learning about different animals of the world as part of his Sonlight Curriculum. It takes us much more time to finish one lesson as some of the animals we study more in depth. This time we read about deers. Afterwards we made a short project about these animals.
I got the idea for this project from Homeschool Share. Our project is just a part of the lapbook that you can find there. I've printed out the cards with information about the deer family, but not the photos. I let Jas look for photos on the Internet and put them in a file.

We had only the English names for all the deer family, but we wanted to know what there are called in Polish, Chinese and in Latin, so we searched Wikipedia. Jas made a list of the names in all four languages.

The weight and height of the animals was given in inches and pounds so we had to search for the same information given in centimeters and kilogrammes. We also added different sizes of male and female deer.
We also added more animals …

Typhoon Day

It's been raining pretty hard for the past two days. Today all the outside classes (swimming, art, saxophone) have been cancelled, so kids and I are spending whole day at home 'working'. Actually it's a good thing as we have a lot of work to do - lessons, projects, baking.
Jas and I started the day with a bit of baking - banana crumble muffins with a touch of nutmeg.

Zosia is continuing her work on the Olympic Games project. As always, it's going to be BIG! Lot of information and lots of work. It's slow going, but maybe a day at home will help speed things up.

Jas has been working on his English exercises.

He's also been observing the rainfall around our house. Yesterday we made a rain measuring tool and Jas set it outside in the open., making sure it is secured and is not going to tip over in the wind.

Now Jas will do some math and practice piano and Zosia will still continue on her project, unless she will want to take a break and ... do her favorite math.