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Dancing all around at Cloud Gate 雲門

Both Zosia and Jaś have been going to Cloud Gate Dance Studio 雲門舞集舞蹈教室 for many years now. 

Zosia, because of her age, should have finished the course this semester, but ... she decided to stay on and retake some of the classes to prepare herself better for the scholarship classes that she has been attending for the past two years. Almost every Sunday she spends over 5 hours dancing. During that time she has balet and modern dance or Chinese martial arts classes and also rehearsal for next year performance. She comes back home dead tired, but with a strong will to go on and on...

Jaś, beside the movement class, for the past 1.5 years Jaś has been taking balet classes. He is the only boy in the class and that seems to be bothering him. He loves dancing and often makes his own dance routines at home, but he doesn't like that other boys laugh at him for taking balet lessons.

At Cloud Gate Dance Studio kids not only learn about movement and dance, but also have elements of ac…

Digging for Egyptian treasures

At the exhibition about Egypt we bought a kit for digging treasures. Jaś has spent quite some time quietly breaking down the plaster block and looking for all the hidden things. 

This was our first take on a 'dig and excavate' kit. There are all kinds of kits like that, but I've always thought of them as boring and messy. Now that Jaś has done this one I think they are not that bad :-)

This is what Jaś found inside:

And finally we could play Egyptian Tomb game with these treasures:

Ancient Egypt exhibition at CKS

Turns out that on Fridays Zosia will be having classes outside home. 
This leaves me and Jaś all by ourselves. Today we decided to go to an exhibition about Egypt - 'Quest for Immortality'. Jaś went well prepared as we studied Ancient Egypt last year. He remembered most of the things that were on display. The exhibition was not very big - it took us only an hour to go through everything, but there were still many people. 

Later we had a sushi picnic and after that I took Jaś for a haircut - he needed one badly.

Here are some photos Jaś took that day:

Countries with diplomatic relations with Taiwan

Post by Zosia:

Almost 2 years ago, my mom came up with a project idea about countries that have diplomatic relations with Taiwan. It took this long for the project to come to life :-)

Just before vacation, on Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, I found a list of countries that have diplomatic relations with Taiwan. 

We've brainstormed for quite a while and came up with a way to present this project. I've tried to make it as original and artistic as possible... At last I've decided to have little booklets glued to a map/outline of Taiwan (later I ended up using the world map).
It took me a while to measure and count the number and size and the way to fold the little booklets, but it took me more than a while to fit the information I wanted into them. This is the list of what is on each page of the booklets:
1st page: Country flag and Chinese name (I had to shorten some).
2nd: Official name (in the country's language)
3: The country's outline
4: Population (Vatican…

Back to school?

Can I say that we are going back to school? We don't really stop learning during vacation or holidays so there is no ... break from so called school. But still ... with summer over we started using our desks more than during vacation. 

This year I am trying to do as much preparations in advance as possible. I've planned all the subjects for both kids for the next half a year. Of course it doesn't mean that this plan is not going to change, we are very flexible and if something interesting comes up or if the kids would be interested in something else than what I have prepared then let it be. Follow the child (most of the time at least).

Zosia is still interested in science - physics, chemistry and she still likes math a lot, so we will be doing a lot of these this year.

Can't really figure out what Jaś likes. His interests change all the time, from math to history, to building with Lego or drawing. I never know what he will want to do, how he will want to lea…

Skate Asia 2011

All the hours at Taipei Arena have paid off -

Zosia won the GOLD medal at the Skate Asia 2011 held in August in Bangkok, Thailand. We are very proud of her. Her performance was really beautiful and graceful. See for yourself: