Jingxin Park 景新公園

The location of the nature class this week has changed in the last minute. The place that the teacher has originally chosen turned out to be under renovation (interesting thing - park renovation).
That's why we ended up in a small park almost across the street from Taipei 101, next to Xinyi Elementary School.

The class started with making a head band out of fern. The teacher talked a bit about the plants, showing the kids spores and reminding them again that ferns do not have flowers nor fruits.

Kids could look closely at the spores with this handy magnifying glass.

Next the teacher stopped to show the kids a tree lichen.

We also looked up at the flowering Chinese rain tree (Koelreuteria elegans - 台灣樂樹 - in Chinese it has lots of different names).

Not only our group of moms and kids enjoyed this park in the middle of the busy city, there were also some elderly people painting.

We've also found a few plants growing on trees. One of them was Crow's nest fern (Asplenium - 山蘇 - zanokcica gniazdowa). Fresh and young leaves are one of my favourite veggie dishes in Taiwan, they are soooo yummy! Do you know why the leaves turn upwards? To gather more water when it's raining.

Most of these plants were simply placed there by people who didn't want to have the plant at home any more.
The one below is Devil'd ivy (Epipremnum aureum - 黃金葛 - Epipremnum złociste).

We also looked at some mushrooms:

Can you guess why the teacher calls the flowers below "blocks flowers"?

And this tree, is called "monkey can't climb tree". Can you figure out why?

There was also time to listen to the teacher talk about differences between butterflies and moths.

At the end of class kids looked for different leaves to make a picture with them. Ania made a bunny head.

Just look at these amazing banyan trees (Ficus - 榕樹)! 

 We had a beautiful weather during our class, but as soon as we got back home it started to rain ... typhoon was coming.


  1. Rośliny fantastyczne! Dlaczego nauczyciel ma mikrofon? Czy tam tak głośno?

    1. Ostatnio nauczycielka ma coś z głosem i nie może mówić głośno, więc używa mikrofonu, który też nie jest głośny. Poza tym na Tajwanie chyba wszyscy nauczyciele używają nagłaśniaczy, nawet w klasie z 20 uczniami. Bardzo tego nie lubię, ale ... co kraj to obyczaj.


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