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Everything About Dinosaurs

For the past few weeks Jas has been learning about dinosaurs. It's not my favourite subject and I've never 'done dinosaurs' with Zosia as she was not interested in them either. It seems like those big reptiles appeal more to boys than to girls.
Here are the books about dinosaurs and fossils that we are reading now:

Jas is also enjoying watching the BBC series "Walking with Dinosaurs":

as well as doing activites from DK Dinosaur Activity Pack:

Few more weeks and we will be all done!

Zosia's English assignment

Zosia doesn't really like writing. No matter what language, no matter what, she just doesn't like writing. She has never liked it. That's why I was quite surprised that she didn't object too much to the assignment I gave her last week. I asked her to write a short story, something about snow...
And here is what she came up with:

Hey, Ben :) Zozo is snowed in, and is currently going through “Snow Madness”...

Dec. 19, MondayI usually hate writing, but this will probably be the last thing keeping me sane. It’s so boring, I started talking to myself. I would call you Ben. You’re a diary notebook, whatever. Now I’ll briefly fill you in on what’s happening. My name is Zozo and I’ve been abandonedby my  parents snowed in. Literally. The windows will seriously break and snow will come in, and I’ll be living “Day After Tomorrow”. Brilliant. I’ve been stuck here since the day my parents left 3,4 days ago. No, there’s no tragic story about why my parents left.

Dec. 20, TuesdayHahah, s…

Learning About Genetics

For the past few months Zosia has been reading "The Usborne Introduction to Genes & DNA".  This book comes as one of the "textbooks" for the Sonlight curriculum. It's very informative and beautifully illustrated. A big plus is also the so called Internet-Linked  feature which allows the reader to easily find more information on each topic.

In the past two years Zosia has become really interested in the biology of the human body and genetics. As a short project summarizing what she has learned from this course she made a Prezi presentation about the history of genetics. Here it is: