Stage Time and Juice at Red Room

Do you know that there is a place in Taipei where kids, big and small, can come up on stage to perform?

Plażing na Tajwanie

Fulong i piaskowe rzeźby

Droga powrotna z Hongdan 紅淡山 (Keelung)

Wycieczka na górę Hongdan 紅淡山 w Keelungu 基隆

Matematyka w plenerze - posadzki i mozaiki

Film - The Impossibly Small Object 小玩意

Ancient Egypt - interactive notebook by a 7-year-old (3/3)

Ancient Egypt - reading list (2/3)

Ancient Egypt - Interactive notebook project (1/3)

Fort San Domingo 紅毛城 w Tamsui 淡水 po remoncie