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Back Home

Our one month long stay in Canada has come to an end and we are back home in Taiwan.

Not everything went as planned though - our trip was cut short by one week due to a ... broken arm. Just five days into our ski holiday, Jas got hit on the slope by another skier from his class and broke his right humerus (upper arm bone). He was in a lot of pain for many days and nights. Now his arm doesn't hurt anymore, but it still has not healed and we will be going for a check-up tomorrow.

That was the sad news, the good news is that Zosia has received her Canadian Ski Instructor's Certificate and is now a certified level I ski instructor. She still can't teach though as she is under 15 years old. She has done really well during her instructor's course. Her examiner (and level IV instructor) praised her skiing and told us that she could easily do the level II certificate course (problem is that she first needs teaching practice and she can't get that until next season).

Canada geography project

Before our trip to Canada (that's the other big country in North America, if you don't know :-) ) I decided it would be a good idea to learn more about this large and beautiful country.

I've downloaded some worksheets from Enchanted Learning. Some were for Zosia and some for Jaś. Zosia went also on Wikipedia to search for more information on all the Canadian provinces. She later filled out the worksheets about each province and territory. She has also made graphs comparing the area and population of each province.

Kids have done a really good job learning about the geography of Canada, so after our arrival here there were no silly questions about where which city is located - we visited Toronto, Ottawa and Quebec and drove through Montreal - or what is that big river in the East, that looks like a sea, called.