Silver egg experiment

Few weeks ago we found a new book in our mailbox. It's a book full of science experiments that one can easily try at home. Because the experiments are really simple and everything is shown and explained clearly, I decided to let Jaś take over the preparations and the experimenting.

As the first experiment he chose making a SILVER EGG.

We have to prepare an egg, a burning candle, a jug with water and tongs to hold the egg.

Holding the egg between the tongs place it above the candle flame to make it all covered with black "soot".

After making the whole egg black place it carefully in a jug of water and observe the colors.

As you can see the egg in some places seems to have turned silver! 

Why has it happened? 

If the egg is completely covered in soot, the carbon in the soot repels water and holds a pocket of air between the egg and soot. This will make the egg look silver.


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