More than just a coloring book

Ania loves coloring, drawing, painting and sticking stickers. Neither Zosia nor Jaś liked coloring. I can even say that they hated coloring. Every time there was a coloring activity in their workbook they would moan and complain and we ended up coloring it together.

I wonder how it is with other kids, does your child like to color or not?

There are so many coloring books on the market that it's difficult to find something more interesting which would not only require coloring within the lines.
While in Poland I found an interesting book which combines coloring, drawing, origami and stickers. 

Instrukcje do składania origami są bardzo proste, więc nie sprawiły Ani trudności.

Take a look at what Ania has created:

As you can see some pictures were colored with paints, some with crayons and others with colored pencils. I always let Ania choose how she would like to color her pictures.

In this coloring book there are also two paper trains to put together and and a board to play. 

I would like to get the other three books from the series, but I don't think I have time to look for them as we will be going back to Taiwan the day after tomorrow.