Nature class close to home

Last week the nature class took place in our community. As we live in the mountains there is plenty of "nature" to see and explore just outside our door.

We started the class at home, making small "Christmas trees" out of pine cones.

Right after we went out to explore the neighbourhood.

Our walk led is down, down, down to the stream and further down along the stream. The path was overgrown as even our family doesn't take it very often (we used to when kids were younger, but now everyone is too lazy). 

On the way we encountered quite a few spiders.

The next few photos are of a black-and-yellow argiope spider (金珠屬 - pająk z rodziny krzyżakowatych) sucking on a ladybug. 

Giant woods spider - Nephilia pilipes - 人面蜘蛛 - Prządka olbrzymia

Giant woods spider - view of the abdomen

A beetle:

Citrus long-horned beetle - Anoplophora chinensis - 星天牛 - Chrząszcz kózkowaty

And a few ant nests:

We also looked closer at a some trees and other plants:

Shell ginger - Alpinia zerumbet - 月桃 - Alpinia zwyczajna
It was a beautiful day, just like a nice and sunny day in summer in Poland.