Botanical Garden in winter

Yes, I know ... Botanical Garden 植物園 ... again.

I don't mind, Ania doesn't mind either. Every time we see different things, animals and plants. This time during the nature class we concentrated on observing birds - not only water birds, but also owls.

Unfortunately, even with Tim's camera (which is a tad better than mine) I could not take a clear picture of the owls sleeping high up on a tree. This is what came out:

Kids also made owls out of dry leaves:

And listened to a story about mother owl:

Here are other birds spotted this time at the Botanical Garden:

Common Moorhen - Gallinula chloropus - 紅冠水雞 - Kurka wodna

Black-crowned night heron - Nycticorax nycticorax - 夜鷺 - Ślepowron zwyczajny

White-breasted waterhen - Amaurornis phoenicurus - 白腹秧雞 - Bagiewnik białopierśny

Egret - Egretta - 白鷺 - Czapla nadobna
We also looked at some plants:

Taiwan red pine

African arrowroot - Canna indica - 美人蕉 - Paciorecznik indyjski

Lemmon's marigold - Aksamitka lemmona

Abaca - Banan manilski

Brush pot tree

Antique spurge

This next plant attracted my attention because of it's special name, which translated literary would be "big leaf not an old spring".

Czapetka jambos
We did not spot many insects this time, I guess it was too cold.

Cocoa tussock moth caterpillar and pupa - 小白紋毒蛾幼蟲 - Orgyia postica
The Botanical Park is right behind the National History Museum which is located in a traditional old Japanese building.

There are other interesting architectural features in the park: