What are we going to do in summer?

Last week schools started summer vacation.

Kids dropped their schoolbags, but will still need to pick them up to write their summer assignments (although by law the schools should not give kids assignments for vacation).
During July and August many summer camps are organised for elementary aged children. These camps can be overnight, or whole day or just a few hours a day. They can be thematic (e.g. about insects or birds or science) or just ... fun. Camps in Taiwan are organised by all kinds of organisations - by schools, universities, church groups, non-profit organisations, for profit, after-school classes etc. Everybody can organise a "camp".

In the past years our kids went to camps organised by:

These are all the camps I can think of. Some of them were very popular with Jas and Zosia so kids were attending them year after year. Others were just a one time thing.

This year Ania has already started her first half-day camp - at a neighbourhood church. Later she will also go for calligraphy camp.
Jas on the other hand, will take part in the camp preparing for the Jazz Festival in Taichung and a soccer camp.
Kids will also be taking swimming lessons at the community swimming pool.

We are not planning any grand outings or trips, just ... life as normal.

But ... did you know that after elementary school the vacation time that kids have in Taiwan gets shorter and shorter?
In middle school kids are required to go back to school for a few weeks and in high school they get only two weeks off! That is the life in Taiwanese schools...