Jinan Mountain walk 雞南山

Some time ago our nature class teacher took us for a walk in Dazhi (大直) area, right behind Shi Chien University (實踐大學). The mountain located there has a rather funny name Chicken-South Mountain 雞南山 (whatever that should mean), but the recent history of the place in not funny at all. In September 2001 a very strong typhoon hit Taiwan. The devastation was enormous, not only in the mountain region ot close to the shore, but also in Taipei. Great part of the city was under water. The most affected areas were Xizhi and Dazhi. On the slope of Jinan Mountain in Dazhi there was a serious landslide. 30 houses were destroyed, many more were seriously damaged. After this disaster the city government decided to relocate the rest of the people to safer grounds and leave the whole mountain as a park. Now one can admire the nature and breathe fresh air while walking on the few trails that were constructed after the typhoon.

To get to the park we walked through the Shi Chien University campus. There we could take a look at the traditional Paiwan tribe 排灣族 slate house.

At the university there was also some large-format art work that the kids played with - huge narrow plastic bags filled with water hanging from a great height. They were swinging in the wind and of course when children were hitting them.

After a short walk through the narrow street behind the university we got to the bottom of the mountain and the beginning of the trail.

Kids started the class with pulling out the vines that were attacking other plants. They had lots of fun doing that.

During the walk we looked at different trees and plants.

Beggarticks - Bidens alba - 大花咸豐草 - 百花鬼針草 - rodzaj uczepu

Millettia pinnata - 水黃皮 - Miletia

Formosan gum (Chinese sweet gum) - 楓香 - Ambrowiec

Chinese tallow (chicken tree, gray popcorn tree :-) ) - 鳥桕 - Smokrzyn łojodajny

Taiwanese willow - 水柳 - Wierzba tajwańska
A very interesting find were these caterpillars, in one of the a wasp has laid eggs. The larvae that came out of the eggs are now feeding on the caterpillar.

Histia flabellicornis ultima - 鳳斑蛾

Pomelo - 柚子

More invasive plants:

Dodder - Cuscuta - 菟絲子 - Kanianka
We also walked around a pond, but at this time of the day and under this weather not much was happening there. 

As I've mentioned at the beginning of this post, not so long ago there used to be houses on this mountain. On the bottom part, where we walked, you can still see some old abandoned tombs.

And that's about all we've seen at Jinan Mountain. Next time we'll be going to the Botanical Garden.