Yvette Ice Cream Workshop 伊薇特冰淇淋夢工廠

Last Sunday we went with two other families to Yvette Ice-cream Workshop. It's not a very popular destination for families, it seems. And although we are in the neighborhood of this cake and ice-cream shop quite often, we've only found out about the workshops they offer a few weeks earlier.
Let me take you for a tour of our tour and DIY:

When walking from the Dapinglin MRT Station 大坪林捷運站 you will see these signs above your head. The entrance to the cake/ice-cream shop is behind it on the right.

In the cake shop you need to pay for the admission (NT$250 per person making ice-cream, NT$100 per person not making ice-cream, free for kids under 110cm). You will receive a color-coded badge, the pink one you can later exchange for NT$35 worth of cake or ice-cream.

After everybody gathers together in the cake shop you will be taken to the 2nd floor classroom next door. For those with strollers or wheelchairs there is an elevator.

On the 2nd floor there is a large classroom and exhibition hall.

After going around the exhibition we could finally start making ICE CREAM!

One team of two paying customers gets one ice-cream maker and starts ... turning and ... turning and ... turning ...

You need to stir until the ice-cream is set:

Our ice-cream set perfectly and we all enjoyed a delicious lizhi 荔枝 flavor desert.

Next we all got a plate with marshmallows, gummy bears, cookies and a big ball of ice-cream to decorate.

This was a very ice-creamy day! For the first time we couldn't finish all the ice-cream we had. 

My advise is - when you are taking small kids there, you should only pay for one person making ice-cream. It was even too much for 11-12 year olds!

Remember that the visit should be booked in advance! We went there a week earlier and they were closed as nobody has called earlier.

Yvette Ice-Cream Workshop 

New Taipei City, Xindian District, Minquan Rd. No. 102

Tel. (02) 2218 3337
Facebook 伊薇特冰淇淋夢工場


  1. Super, sama chętnie spróbowałabym zrobić lody. Pozdrawiam Agata

  2. need advanced booking? Possible to attend by just walk in & on the spot pay money to register


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