Cinquain, Diamante and Haiku Poetry by kids

Today's literature lesson was on poetry. Usually I have to teach English or literature separately to Jas and to Zosia as there is 5 years difference between the two of them. But today's subject suited both of them.

Cinquain Poems

  • no rhyme
  • 5 lines: 
    1. a noun
    2. two adjectives
    3. three verbs ending with -ing
    4. a phrase
    5. a noun (the same as in line 1 or different)
  • or like this:
    1. two syllables
    2. four syllables
    3. six syllables
    4. eight syllables
    5.  two syllables
Here are cinquain poems kids created:

/by Jas/

Crunchy, sweet
Eating, enjoying, dunking
With every bite I love it more

/by Zosia/

Ice cream
Tasty, icy
Dripping, licking, melting
Under the scorching sun

Diamante Poems

When it's written out it takes a shape of a diamond. It goes from one idea to its opposite.

  • no rhyme
  • 7 lines:
    1. first noun
    2. two adjectives describing the first noun
    3. three verbs about first noun
    4. 2-words phrase or nouns about first noun, 2-words phrase or nouns about second noun
    5. three verbs about second noun
    6. two adjectives describing the second noun
    7. second noun (usually opposite in meaning to the first one)

/by Jas/

Huge, heavy
Stomping, caring, rolling
Tusks, mammal, insect. antennae
Working, cleaning, building
Tiny, quiet

/by Zosia/

Pretty, small
Growing, feeding, dying
Colour, smell, green, leaves
Embracing, swaying, giving
Big, old

Haiku Poems

  • three lines
  • 17 syllables
    1. 5 syllables
    2. 7 syllables
    3. 5 syllables
/by Jas/

Plane in the blue sky
Soaring through the white clouds
High above the hills.

/by Zosia/

She sits on the chair
Forcefully kicks off the ground
Then spins round and round.

Do you teach your kids about poetry?
Do they try to write their own poems?


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