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Few months ago Jaś has finished another lapbook. This time the theme was MAPS. 
The process of making this lapbook was quite complicated and long. I don't even remember when he started gathering all the information and preparing the lapbook booklets (probably over a year ago).

We first discussed what kind of information should be put in the lapbook. 
Next Jaś found the relevant info in the books we have and on the Internet and made notes.
He used the Homeschool Share lapbook printable templates to create the booklets for all the subjects that he wanted to include in the lapbook. This took quite some time as it was the first time he was using the printable templates. He first needed to choose the most suitable booklet template, type the title and print it.
After printing the booklets with titles it was time to fill them in with information.

This is how the lapbook turned out:


Middle pages

Maps in history booklet page

Hemispheres booklet page

Outside of 'kinds of maps' booklets:

and inside:


Inside "Scale" booklet

Inside "Map Projections" booklet

Inside "Map Projections" booklet

How do you like the MAPS lapbook?
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  2. Brawo piękny projekt u nas mapy są dosłowni wszędzie

  3. Brawo piękny projekt u nas mapy są dosłowni wszędzie


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