Ancient Egypt - reading list (2/3)

Big project requires BIG kids' books and a lot of them.
That's why before Ania started her Ancient Egypt project, I gathered all the books and magazines and made a list of websites on this subject. Now I can share with you which books we read, which websites we've visited.
Most books are in English, a few in Polish and one in Chinese.
All websites are in English.

We started with this book:
It's quite easy and it features the characters from Magic Tree House book series.

Next was this one, with lots of lift-the-flap:

This was a quick and fun read with a huge spread and nice illustrations:

Then came the book about an Egyptian family life:

Where Are the Great Pyramids? was not that easy:

And a few books about King Tut:

Next book is very big with really nice puzzles and lots of interesting information about King Tut:

Kids' favourite book on history was and is this one:

In the DK Action Pack we found some nice booklets:

Two books and some magazines in Polish:

And here is a magazine in Chinese that we are still reading:

And a few old National Geographic Magazines that we just browsed through admiring beautiful photos:

These is all the paper material that we read and looked at. Below are the websites I used when preparing the materials and information for Ania:

Information about Ancient Egypt

Map of Ancient Egypt

In my next post I will show you Ania's finished project, so come back soon!