Ancient Egypt - Interactive notebook project (1/3)

I don't remember how many years ago Zosia has created this interactive notebook. Don't know how old she was back then. I do know though that neither Zosia nor I knew the concept of an interactive notebook when this project was created. I also remember that Zosia has done the whole project all by herself, I did not look up the information for her nor did I give her the materials to use in the notebook. She has read, learned and created the whole notebook filled with pictures and text all by herself.

You might be wondering why am I suddenly taking out an old project made by Zosia years ago. Well ... for the past two months Ania and I have been learning about the Ancient Egypt and Zosia's old project was one of our study materials. I read many, many books about pyramids, mummies, Egyptian gods and pharaohs to Ania. The more we read the more interested she became in the topic. (Next post will be about all those books we've read.) Eventually she has also decided to make a project about Ancient Egypt. Together we've chosen the interactive notebook as the presentation method. Of course there will be a separate post about Ania's project as well.

Ok, but let's go back to Zosia's work. Zosia used a spiral bound sketchbook in which the cut the pages in half and used the top part for the text and bottom part for the pictures. She has also made tabs with different topics for each page so it would be easier to find the information.

What else can I add? Just take a look at the photos of her project and see for yourself:

In the back she made pockets in which she placed additional materials:

Back then she had also put together a pyramid from DK Pyramid Activity Pack:

In the next two posts I will show you all the materials and websites I used with Ania while learning about Ancient Egypt and of course the photos of Ania's Ancient Egypt project.


  1. Wszystkie teksty pełne ładunku emocjonalnego! Bardzo podoba mi się ta praca!

    1. Zosia ma dość oryginalny styl pisania ;-)


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