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Ancient Egypt - interactive notebook by a 7-year-old (3/3)

After previous posts about an old Ancient Egypt project by Zosia and  a list of resources used for this project, it's time to show you how Ania's interactive notebook project has turned out.

Some text was printed off the internet, some Ania typed herself and other pieces she wrote herself.
I know there are some mistakes (I can see them too), but I wanted to leave it just as she has written it. Please take into consideration that she is still 7 years old and English is not her first language (it's third, in fact).



Map of Ancient Egypt

The Nile

Two Kingdoms


Occupations of Ancient Egyptians:

Egyptian Homes

Ancient Egyptian Games and Toys

Religion in Ancient Egypt

Papyrus and Hieroglyphs


Gods and Goddesses in Ancient  Egypt

How were mummies made


Funeral Procession

The Book of the Dead 

Different kinds of pyramids

Great Sphinx


To wrap it all up Ania cut out and assembled a mummy, all it's organs, canopic jars, amulets and coffins:

That's all about Ancient Egypt for now.
What would the next project be? Don't know yet, Ania has too many ideas ...


  1. Cudo, nawet dla mnie, dorosłej bardzo ciekawe! Gratulacje :)

    1. Dzięki. Sporo pracy Ania w to włożyła, ale warto było :-)


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