TOPS Green Thumbs - Radishes (part 4)

Second week of studying sprouting radishes has come to an end. We had to change the order of some experiments as our radishes were sprouting at different times than the book predicted :-) .


We've finished the assignment for Thursday a day early :-)


The seeds that we planted at the very beginning (on day 2) did not want to sprout. So on Saturday we planted them again, but ... only seeds in pot 2A sprouted, pot 2B shows no change, strange...
Today's assignment was to draw how the radish plant looks like in 1:1 scale. Take a look at Jas' work:

You have to have your eyes at the plant level to draw it correctly.

Two more drawings will be made,
one next week and another in two weeks.
This way we will see how much the plant has changed.

Starting new experiment - GROW, GROW, GROW

More aluminum planters needed to be made today. 
For the next week and a half we will be observing the growth of radishes in these planters, noting everything on a special growth graph.

More planters to our collection.

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