TOPS Green Thumbs - Radishes (part 1)

Jaś has always liked green plants, he loves going to the flower market, buying plants and taking care of them. He likes sewing seeds and watching them grow. For the past few months I've been planning to start growing some flowers and vegetables with him. Three weeks ago we went to the flower market and bought all we needed - seeds, soil, potting pots and a few grown plants. Unfortunately it's been raining every day since then and we were not able to start sewing the seeds.
But ...
I remembered that together with all the Sonlight science books came two TOPS books, both about growing things. And so we've pulled out the "Green Thumbs: Radishes" book and started the 4 weeks long project.


This is our master list of
what needs to be done when.
I love when it's all neatly arranged
and I don't need to think too much :-) .

Preparing the base for the seeds to grow on.

20 radish seeds are neatly placed
on a wet paper towel inside a previously cut opened milk carton box.

Making tiny planters by wrapping aluminium foil
around a battery and taking it securely.

Tiny planters are marked
and ready to be filled up with potting soil.

Filling the planters with moist potting soil.

Can you see the tiny seed?

Planters are ready: 2A and 2B have two radish seeds each,
2C and 2D do not have seeds.

Now we have to wait and see what happens.


After only one day the seeds are starting to sprout.

We observed three different growth stages today.

This is the graph showing how many sprouts
are at each stage of growth.

Time to tick off today's work.

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