Spring is here!

After many, many weeks of cold and rainy weather, the sun has finally come out. Now it is warmer outside than inside the house. That's why these past two days we decided to take our homework outside and sit a bit in the garden. We used to do that quite often in the previous years, but because of the new construction not far away last year it was impossible to relax outside. Now that the construction is almost finished it is not so noisy.

Learning together geography of the U.S.A.

Bugs also want to learn :-)

Our Pate is also enjoying the warm weather.
Having lessons outside is probably not very productive, but it's much more fun! Kids get distracted by the bugs crawling around, Inu (our dog) running in circles or digging holes and chirping birds.

In summer we usually set up an inflatable swimming pool in the yard and invite other kids to come and play. Can't wait till summer!