Crystal Mining

For the past few weeks Jaś has been nagging me if he could open a "Crystal Mining" kit. For some reason he's always been asking me about it when there was something more urgent, more important to do - like homework, playing piano, saxophone, reading or simply sleeping.
Finally yesterday was the day! He could finally look for his minerals in the block of plaster.

The mining kit all laid out.

First cut and ... we can see the first crystal!

Brushing off the dust.

The minerals need a good wash.

All nice and shiny.

This activity will lead us to more discussion about minerals and rocks. We will be reading these two  books:

We will also talk more about fossils as we are learning about dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures now. Another book from the "Let's-Read-And-Find-Out Science" series is

and also"Fossils Tell of Long Ago", which I still need to find at the local bookstore or library.