The Road to Photography (part 2)

A year and a half ago, when Zosia was 14 years old, she attended with other homeschooled friends photo class organised by Por Que Base.
At first kids learned all about pin hole camera and later about the ancient art of taking black & white photos with 35mm film and a fully manual camera. They've also spent some time in the dark room developing and printing the photos they took.

Here are a few of Zosia's B&W photos from that time:

Lesson in progress

Next step, beside taking lots and lots of photos, was for Zosia to take part in camps and classes organised by Fubong Education Foundation. One of the classes was for homeschoolers to create a graduation photo of themselves. They had to think how they would want to be portrait, what kind of props need to be used and what photo technique they need to use for their picture. This is what Zosia has come up with:

In December last year the photos were on display both in Taipei and Kaohsiung cities.


Now Zosia is taking part in a fun challenge on Flicker - the participants are supposed to take one photo a week on a previously specified subject. It's not as easy as it sound, but so far so good - she hasn't skipped any subjects. Quite a few people participating in this challenge have a lot of experience with photography (and much better equipment) and give nice feedback on the photos Zosia posts.

Here are some of the photos for the Photo Challenge:

Fire, Water, Air

For more photos by my 15 year old please go to her Flickr photostream.