Keeping hands busy

In our homeschool we read a lot. Kids not only read by themselves, but I read to them and with them. We read novels, poems, biographies, stories and also books on history, biology, astronomy, science. We read mainly in Polish and English, seldom in Chinese.
We used to cuddle on a comfy sofa, but more than once I ... fell asleep while reading, it was just too comfortable... So right now during the daytime we read in the study. Kids like to keep their hands busy while I read. Take a look at the things that they've been busy making while listening to my reading:

Zosia made beautiful cranes which are now adding some color to our classroom.
Zosia stitched this horse a while ago,
but it laid forgotten somewhere in her room
until last week when she made a frame for it.
Zosia has started cross-stitching not long ago.
These are her first projects - a card, a key chain and a small picture.
A brand new craft - loom knitting!

And ... something by Jas. His new hobby, he has just picked it up two days ago.
These days we tend to forget that beside all the academic work that kids do at a desk at home or at school they should also use their hands to create art, learn new handicrafts and do work around the house. Give your children a chance to create something and be proud of it just as if they got 100% on a test.