The Road to Photography (part 1)

I am trying to remember how Zosia's love of photography started.
How come the photos she takes are so ... different ... unusual ... special?
Does she see the world differently than most of us?
Let me take you through her early photography days ...

When Zosia was in 5th grade she received her first phone and the only reason she got a phone was because she needed a ... small camera. She was going for a four week long skiing camp in Japan and she was supposed to document everything that she experienced there. We figured out that the best choice would be a small camera phone - easy to use, easy to carry (even when skiing)  and waterproof (snow proof!). This way she became the happy owner of Sony Ericsson C702.

The following summer she went to a camp organised by Juming Museum. There the kids were supposed to explore the five senses - her group was working with the sense of sight. One of the assignments was to take photos while rolling down the hill. Great idea of how to show kids how to look at the world from a different perspective.

Here are some of the photos presented at that exhibit:

After years of use (and abuse) of her phone-camera, last year she got a real camera for her birthday. She carries it almost anywhere she goes, but from time to time she still takes photos with her new Sony Ericsson Experia.

(to be continued)