March birthdays

Both, my and my husband's birthdays fall in March. This year was somewhat special, because kids really took the effort and prepared nice surprises for our birthdays. (Well maybe they were not surprises for me, but still it's the thought that counts, right?)

Zosia couldn't come up with any present for me. She didn't want to buy anything (she doesn't have much pocket money). She wanted to make something for me, but ... it had to be practical as she knows that I like practical presents. I gave her an idea of making labels for all our kitchen jars. And that's what she made! I've never thought that she would make labels as nice and as professional looking as these:

Jas decided to make a birthday cake for me. It was first time for him to make a sponge cake with baked apples (Babcia's recipe). It turned out delicious!

Two birthdays in one month that's a lot of thinking and work for the kids :-)

Zosia really had no idea what to give Tim. Fortunately she saw a cute bear-slipper in one of the shops. It was affordable and would be useful for the cold winter days (next winter).

Jas made another sponge cake this time with pineapple and cream. Adding some color to the cream and decorating the cake was his idea. It was really yummy and ... pretty.