2nd Tuesday

Last Tuesday was "2nd Tuesday" - a monthly outing day for homeschoolers in northern Taiwan.
Our family started these monthly outings back in the fall of 2007. We wanted our kids to get to know other homeschooled children and at the same time we wanted to go out and learn new things. Most of the museums in Taiwan have guided tours, but one needs to book them in advance and very often a  a group of people is needed to participate in some activities organised by the museum.
Kawai Piano Factory
In the beginning there were only two other families meeting with us,but after just a few months the group has grown to over 10 families. Right now, every month, there are about 60-70 people coming to 2nd Tuesday outings! This week was not much different, 65 people came to see the exhibit on Michelangelo at the Historical Museum.
2nd Tuesday is a good chance for the homeschooling families to meet and chat and for the kids to play together. We usually start with a visit to a museum or an interesting exhibition, then we have lunch together and afterwards the kids play and the parents talk.
For the first two years our family was the only one involved in organising the outings. Later others joined in deciding on the venue and contacting other families. Unfortunately most people still don't want to get involved in the process of organising an outing, they just want to participate in it. That's why in the past year there were less outings, no one wanted to take responsibility for them. Too bad.

Drumming at Performing Arts School 36
In the past years we visited among others:
- Museum of Fine Arts
- 228Museum
- Discovery Center of Taipei
- Museum of Contemporary Arts
- Puppet Museum
- Robot Museum
- Hakka Culture Center
- Kawai Piano Factory
- Ceramics Museum
- NTU Museum
- Jing-Mei Human Rights Memorial

We also went cycling in Danshui, listened to a Chopin piano competition, danced in Tsai Jui-Yueh Dance Research Institute,met with the Taipei mayor and set through the public hearing about 12 year compulsory education.

At a Pool Party opening the Home-School year last September.
There were many more outings, it's just impossible to mention all of them here.

The group has grown and is still growing. It may be a good idea to break it into two - one for the younger kids and the second for older, but this way every month two organisers will be needed and it's hard enough to find even one...Any volunteers?

To sign up for upcoming 2nd Tuesday events please go to 2nd Tue Exchange.