Xianjiyan walk 仙跡岩

One of December nature class walks took us to Xianjiyan in Jingmei 景美仙跡岩. It was our second time there. I wrote about our first hike in March 2016 HERE and HERE.

This time we started our walk from the other direction, as the previous entrance to the trail was destroyed by landslide.

We had to climb many, many stairs which led us through the old housing neighbourhood. It's hard to believe, but there are still people living in these houses.

You can see a few old graves hidden among the bushes.

Climbing up we enjoyed the wonderful views of whole Taipei. Despite the weather, which was wet and cloudy, Taipei still looked impressive.

On almost all the hills and mountains in Taipei you can find bigger or smaller temples. This one had an impressive library.

On the way down we saw a very unique tree - a rock hugging ficus.

Other interesting features we found included a face on a rock, carved in a rock character for Buddha and a piece of cable that the tree has grown around:

Because the weather was wet many snails came out.

The whole mountain is covered in trails, some are new and some are old. We took the new trails, the old ones look like this:

When we got to the top of the hill we had a snack and short rest.

Far in the back you can even see the mountain we live on:

The teacher also gave kids a short lesson on Youtong tree 油桐.

We also met some creepy crawlies and a lizard with new tail:

Setora sinensis八字褐

The papaya tree did not have any fruits at this time of the year, but it did have a few flowers:

Chinese knotweed - Polygonum chinense - 火炭母草

And here is another curiosity - a flag among the tree branches:


  1. Piękne zdjęcia! Przyjemnie patrzy sie na te urokliwą faunę i florę, gdy u nas tak bezlistnie, a z fauny tylko pająki, które nam obrodziły w tym roku niespodziewanie i obficie (skąd?!)

    1. Pająki to u nas w lecie są i to całkiem pokaźnych rozmiarów (wielkości dłoni). Kilka dni temu zaczęły kwitnąć wiśnie! Trochę za wcześnie, powinny poczekać do lutego. :-)


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