Toad Mountain in December 蟾蜍山

At last week's nature class, after meeting at the Gongguan MRT Station 公關捷運站 we walked over to the bottom of the so called Toad Mountain 蟾蜍山.
If you would like to know where this interesting name came from, please go to my previous post about the Toad Mountain in May 2016.

On the way to the foot of the hill we stopped by a tree at the entrance to National Taiwan University. The poor bishop wood's juices are being sucked out by the strangler fig which is growing around it's trunk. In a few years bishop wood is going to ... die.

Bishop wood - Bischofia javanica - 茄東苳
Strangler fig - 殺手樹

Corkystem passionflower - Passiflora suberosa - 三角葉西番蓮

Horsetail - Equisetum -木賊 - Skrzyp

On the small green square we also came across some interesting insects.

Silver-spotted Skipper - Hesperia comma - 弄蝶 - Karłątek klinek

This wasp-looking insect is a moth.

Wasp moth (clearwing moth) - Amata hirayamae - 狹翅鹿子蛾

Grasshopper - Xenocatantops brachycerus - 短角異斑腿蝗

After a few minutes walk we got to the foot of the Toad Mountain and from there to the small community garden which was the destination for our nature class that day.

In the center of the commons there were some banana palm trees.

The next plant is very interesting - as you can see some of the leaves have dark markings on them others don't. Only the leaves without the markings are being eaten by caterpillars, as the darker leaves look like they are rotten and insects don't want to try them.

Creeping smartweed - Polygonum chinense - 火炭木

Creeping smartweed - Polygonum chinense - 火炭木

There is a nice new herb garden in the commons as well. You can see thyme, mint, laurel, rosemary

As always kids got a chance to taste some plants. This time it was the "juice" of
Indian shot (African arrowroot) - Canna indica - 美人蕉 - Paciorecznik indyjski

We also looked at an invasive plant, very difficult to get rid off. HERE you can watch a short clip of how our teacher was helping to pull these weeds out in one of the parks in Taipei.
Marsh pennywort - Hydrocotyle verticillata - 金錢草 - Wąkrota zwyczajna

The last plant I want to show is
Plumed cockscomb - Celosia argentea -青葙 - Celozja