An amazing art exhibition by Ai

Last Sunday we visited a very interesting art exhibition by one of our young friends, Ai 艾摩爾. Ai is also a homeschooler, a very talented homeschooler I must say. He's a wonderful young man, full of passion and love for art and the world.

His art takes many different forms - all kinds of painting, woodwork, visual media, poetry, prose etc.

He is also a great organiser - last year he was one of organisers of the first art exhibit of young homeschooling artists. This solo art exhibition, "0% Confession" ("告黑“) is also all his work, not only the artwork, but the venue is also designed (and remodeled) by him and his friends.

Ai has taken us through his artistic journey in preparation for this exhibition. There is a meaningful story behind each and every piece of art he has created.

If you are in Taipei in the next few days do try to visit this exhibition, it's really worth it!