CVC word lists

It's been a while since I've last had to make language materials for kids. I thought that I won't need to do that anymore as I already have so many materials, but ... I was wrong. It turned out that after countless moves and years of not being used some of the materials disappeared and are nowhere to be found. 

To help Ania learn how to read I made the so called CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) word lists.
Each list contains three to eight 3-letter rhyming words (ending with the same two letters). Altogether there are 26 lists.

Please note that some words are from British English.

You can download all the lists HERE.

How to use these cards?
You can use them in a few ways:
  • to teach reading - you read the word first and the child repeats
  • the child reads by himself all the words on the list
  • the child can make the same words using moveable alphabet or other letters (for example: printed or written on pieces of paper)
  • for copy work - the child can write by himself the words on the list 

Here is Ania's first attemp at reading the words from 'cat' list:  

Very helpful in creating these list was the book from my Montessori Teacher's training "The Morris-Montessori Word List".