Christmas Memories

And we all survived Christmas!

It was a very busy few days, guests visiting, us visiting friends, cooking, baking - the usual holiday rush.
Polish Christmas holidays last a bit longer than the the usual 25th of December and Boxing Day. We start our celebration on the Christmas Eve with a family dinner after which it's time to open the presents. This year kids didn't really have time to play with their presents, because I rushed them to go to church for the Midnight Mass (not very midnighty Midnight Mass as it started at 10pm). During the Mass Jaś was the server and Zosia was taking part in the procession with lights.
By midnight we were back home.

Christmas Day and the Boxing Day (called in Poland the 2nd Day of the Holidays) was spent in the kitchen cooking and baking. Jaś helped a lot, he made a cake and also wrapped over 50 dumplings. Zosia was less of a help, she laid the table and helped to tidy up afterwards.

All these days were ... work and school days in Taiwan. At times like this I am grateful that we homeschool and that kids do not need to go to school. Unfortunately Tim had to go to the office. Jaś was not very happy with that because he planned on spending some time playing board games with the whole family.

Saturday was the day of a family friendly-homeschooling-Christmas concert. Jaś and Zosia together with three other homeschooling children (Euna and Lydie from USA and Faith from Taiwan) had a recital at a small cafe. Children played cello, violin and saxophone and Zosia sang, my this year favourite Christmas song, "Mary Did You Know".

I must say that we still celebrated Christmas on Sunday, Dec.28th. On that day we had our very special Polish Mass. After the Mass there was time to enjoy some homemade specialties: borsch, bigos and many delicious cakes. There was also time for some Christmas carols.

This Christmas wasn't perfect, I missed Poland, my Parents and snow. But at the same time I am happy that the kids were much more involved in preparations than before and that they loved their presents!

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