First soccer match

Soccer is not a very popular sport in Taiwan. There are far more kids playing baseball and basketball than soccer. Jaś, having Polish blood in his veins, decided that he wants to play ... soccer.
When he was small, kindergarten or first grade, he did kick the ball a few times, but that was just for fun, nothing serious. Now, in fifth grade he decided he wants to go back to the soccer field and try kicking again.
It happened that two of his homeschooled friends are also playing soccer so it wasn't hard to decide which team to join.
Jaś has just started his adventure with this sport, so far he loves it and says he wants to continue playing for years to come. We'll see ...

Twice a year there are big matches organised in Taipei. The last championship took place last Saturday. And Jaś, although he has just joined the team, was asked to play too. He was very excited as this was his first big match. After playing against two other teams, Jaś' team won!

閃電精靈 go go go!

Gold medal!