Practical Life X - Threading wooden beads

Threading is another very popular activity in a Montessori classroom. Children can thread all kinds of things:
  • wooden beads
  • small beads
  • Cheerios (or other circular cereal)
  • pasta
  • buttons
They can also thread onto all kinds of things:
  • wooden stick
  • string
  • shoelace
  • pipe cleaner
  • straw
You can choose the material depending on the age and abilities of your child as well as what you have available at home. You may want to start with bigger wooden beads threaded onto wooden sticks and then move onto pasta threaded onto shoelace and later small beads onto a thin string.

In the next posts I will present a few of the threading exercises that Ania has done in the past.

Threading wooden beads

  • wooden colored beads
  • wooden sticks
  • thick string or shoelace
Purpose of this exercise is to develop:
  • fine motor skills
  • hand-eye coordination
  • patience
  • concentration

 As an extension to this exercise you can ask the child to thread the beads by color or shape.