Practical Life VIII - Setting the table

 One of favorite exercises both in the school I've worked and at home is 


  • a set of children's dishes 
    • cup
    • saucer 
    • plate
  • a set of children's silverware (in a silverware tray)
    • teaspoon
    • spoon
    • fork
    • knife
  • teapot
  • sugar bowl
  • tray for the above materials
  • card with the table setting drawn on it
Of course the materials may vary depending on the things that you have available at home. I found that the best place to look for children's dishes and silverware is IKEA.
Gradually the child will 'graduate' to using the 'adult' size dishes and silverware and setting the family table. At our house table setting is always left for the children and they always do a splendid job.

Show the child how to place the dishes and silverware on the card. Instead of the card you may also use a photo of the layout. After the child is familiar with the layout you can remove the card and let him set the table without it. You may also add more sets of dishes (I am using three sets).

Dishes and silverware all laid out on the card.

Let's have some tea.
The table is all set.

You may want to add napkins and place mats, bowls or more plates. You can also use the dishes for a snack time :-)


  1. Śliczne masz dzieci! Pomysłów widzę tysiące :) Będę tu zaglądała częściej :)

    1. Witam serdecznie i dziękuję za wizytę :-)


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