Animal cell project

I must say I am very proud of my son. 

He doesn't like doing big projects that last for ever and that he never knows when and if they are even going to be finished (that kind of projects are my daughter's speciality). Jaś likes one day things.
Sometimes he works on a lapbook and it takes a bit longer, but then everything has to be prepared in advance - he will write 2-3 small booklets a day, everyday throughout the week, and then on the last day he will put everything together. That is the only way to do a lapbook with him.
Jaś' biology textbook

For the past few weeks he's been learning about cells. I wanted to do a lapbook with him, but ... with Easter holidays around, I didn't have time to to prepare it for him. And so he ended up making a wonderful poster of an animal cell. It took him just over 2 hours to finish it, which is really impressive as usually he drags his lessons forever. He didn't even need much help and nagging from me!
I am really proud of him.

Take a look how his animal cell turned out:

In the process of making rough endoplasmic reticulum

Adding ribosomes

Almost all the parts are there

Adding labels

Finishing touches