Teaching English - colors

Right now our 3-year-old speaks and understands only Chinese.
On daily basis we speak 3-4 languages (Chinese, English, Polish and Taiwanese) at home. We want Ania to learn these languages too, but we don't want to push her too much. Hearing so many new languages spoken around her and not being able to understand them must be very overwhelming for her.  That's why I am still using mainly Chinese to communicate with her.

Beside teaching her simple phrases in English, reading to her in English and letting her watch cartoons in Polish (Miś Uszatek) and in English (Bear in the Big Blue House) I also do some more "formal" language lessons with her. Right now I am concentrating on colors and animals.

I want to show you what kind of exercises I do to reinforce the English color words.

  • single colored pictures, stickers
  • paper
  • glue
  • crayons of different shades of one color

 First I cut many pictures of different colors and put them all in a bag. Every time we talk about a color, I ask Ania to take that color pictures out of the bag and put them together on the table. Then she can start gluing them to a prepared sheet of paper. Later we add some stickers of the same color.

Gluing the pictures
Adding stickers
The next step is to color pictures of different objects that represent the color we are working on.  I have printed the worksheets from Enchanted Learning website.


Sometimes Ania forgets and keeps her head too low when coloring.
I then remind her to sit straight. Somehow most of the children in Taiwan
write with their heads almost laying on the desks.
 Finally Ania chooses from a big box of crayons the ones that are only different shades of the color we are working on and draws a one-colored picture.
Over the three weeks we have done three colors: red, blue and green. While doing all this work I tell her the English names of the objects that she is gluing or coloring. She repeats them after me. I try not to correct the pronunciation too much at this stage, it will come later.