First try at the Pink Tower

Being a certified Montessori teacher with experience in teaching in a classroom setting and at home, I was not surprised with the way Ania was handling the Pink Tower.* She kept calling it 'blocks' and wanted to play with it as she does with other blocks, simply building whatever she wanted. I had to explain to her that these are speial blocks which can be build into a tower.
It was first time that I presented her this work. Expecting that she is going to have some problems with it, I presented only the first 5 larger cubes.

The first attempt ended up just as I've expected:

Second one wasn't much better either:

Ania wanted to keep on trying. And finally:

*What is Pink Tower? - 10 pink wooden cubes in different sizes (from 1cm3 to 10cm3). Each cube is a bit bigger than the one before and all of them stacked together one on top of the other, from the largest to the smallest, form a tower, a pink tower.

Disclosure: Please note that this presentation is not purely Montessorian :-) Usually all 10 blocks are presented right from the beginning.