Lego and math for Little Ones

Homeschooling a 3-year-old is so much fun!

Almost every day I come up with new activities and new ways of teaching our Little One.
There are so many interesting ways to teach the fundamentals. You don't need to buy the thick workbooks and go through every page of tracing, coloring and matching in it. Little ones prefer hands on activities and there are so many one can come up with by just looking around the house and rummaging through the kids' toy box.

Almost every house with children has a few of those plastic, colorful, hurting-your-feet blocks, called Lego. Why not use them as educational material? So many math, practical life and sensorial exercises come to my mind. I will try to show you a few of the exercise I have come up with. First lets start with simple math work.

Yesterday I asked Zosia, my 15 year-old, to help me make a template for counting with Legos. She made two templates - one black & white and one colored. When using the colored one, the child not only needs to  count the Legos, but also match the correct colors.

Let's count with Lego blocks!

You can download this sheet at the link below!

All you need is ... LEGO!
Finished work.

Counting with Lego - FREE download:

We started off with only 1-5 numbers.