A revolution in Babel School - teaching a 3-year-old

Babel School is going through some BIG changes - a little 3 year-old girl has joined our ranks.
We are starting the new "school year" with 3 kids: an almost 16 year-old Zosia (1st year of high school), almost 11 year-old Jaś (5th grade) and a just-turned-three, Ania.

A lot has changed already. I had to take out all the old materials, toys and books that years ago older kids used. Fortunately I kept all the Montessori sensorial materials, almost all the books, puzzles, games and a few toys. I also prepared many practical life exercises. The years of teaching using the Montessori method and the Montessori materials are back!

Practical Life materials shelf -
sorting colored beads, spooning pasta,
transferring water with a sponge, sweeping,
using dropper and pouring.

Math/Sensorial/Practical Life materials shelf -
pegging, threading wooden beads, Duplo, counting.
Threading and setting table exercises, games
Play-dough, drawing and matching work.
The unbreakable toys!
They survived Zosia and Jas and now Ania is playing with Little People.
Nothing better for hot summer days than playing with water.
The water/sand table is still waiting for the sand ...
Jas' old tool work bench
now also serves as a stove for cooking :-)
Some old, but still good, books
(in English, Polish and Chinese) for Ania.

In the next few posts I will be showing you how the whole homeschooling a 3-year-old thing is done. So do come back soon for more info and photos.