Montessori - Practical Life II - Sorting colored beads

Another Montessori Practical Life exercise I want to show you is 
sorting colored beads.


  • tray
  • colored beads on a small dish
  • small dishes (as many as there are colors of the beads)
The objective of the exercise is to sort all the beads by color. Handling beads and other small objects helps the child develop and refine small motor movements. In this exercise the child can also learn about colors.
After a few tries when the child doesn't want to chose this exercise any more, you may want to change the beads to something else. He can sort all kinds of things - pencils, crayons, Legos (by shape, size, color).

Ania started with sorting small objects by shape.
Later she has moved on to sorting small beads by color.
All done!