Shizaitou Mtn 獅仔頭山 and driving around Xindian 新店

We usually stay in Taipei during Chinese New Year holiday. This year the weather was really nice and warm on that day, so we decided to go hiking not far from our home.

On the way there we stopped by a stone commemorating a Japanese prisoners of war camp which was located on that spot between 1942 and 1945.

We drove up a windy and narrow road to the back of the Lion’s Head Mountain 獅仔頭山 in Xindian District of New Taipei City 新北市新店區. 
When we moved to Xindian 13 years ago, we used to drive there quite often, but it’s been at least 8 years since our last time there and first time in early spring. The road conditions were awful, muddy and slippery. At some point we took the wrong turn and ended up close to someones house and orchards.

The trail we wanted to take was also quite difficult. Ania and I quickly gave up climbing as Ania had to almost crawl on her hands and knees. Tim and Jas went a bit further, almost reaching the top.

This is the very beginning of the trail.

After the „hike” we drove to the other end of the trail. It seemed like this was the better kept end of the trail.

There are even buses coming up the beginning of the trail from this side. The timetables are quite old, but the buses are still running.

 We continued our drive  along the Pinguang river 平廣溪 towards Wulai 烏來 and later Xindian. 

Drove past Xindian River 新店溪 and stopped at the Guangxing Riverside Park 廣興河濱公園 which turned out to be a perfect spot for some photos.

It was a very nice drive and I wish we would have more time to go and explore Taiwan more often. (To bad that I didn't have a proper camera with me.)


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