First week skiing in Hakuba

Ania and I arrived in Hakuba a week ago. 
On first day on the slope Ania had to relearn a lot of what she has learned last season. Fortunately at the end of the week she was already doing much better than a year ago. She could go all the way down from the very top of Hakuba Goryu and Hakuba47 without falling and even without stopping. 

Zosia of course had to take Ania and Jaś for a few jumps in the Hakuba 47 Park.

She also had to do a few jumps:

In the past week we've had all kinds of weather and snow conditions - rain, snow, sun, clouds, wind, fog. The Polish saying "W marcu jak w garncu" (March is like a boiling pot - one day cold and the next hot) is perfect for this time of the year.

And here is the change of weather:

It's so nice to be skiing with all three kids!

Maybe next season you can also come to Hakuba?
If you do remember to contact Zosia at Noyuki Academy or on Facebook.