Vegetable garden on Treasure Hill (2) 寶藏嚴

In my previous post about Treasure Hill I've mentioned the community garden that the residents take care of. The other week, part of our nature class took place in that garden. Children, and not only children, could see and learn about different vegetables and fruits used in Chinese cuisine. Unfortunately I am not very familiar with all the leafy greens eaten in Taiwan, so this was a good lesson for me as well.

Leaves of a kind of chrysanthemum (唐萵, 茼蒿) are used as a veggie for hot-pot 火鍋 and oyster omelettes.

I think everybody knows what sugarcane is used for :-) But do you know that you can drink the sugarcane juice and eat or rather suck on sugarcane? It's very juicy and not too sweet. Yummy!

That's how peppermint (mięta pieprzowa) looks like: 

And here is lemongrass (palczatka cytrynowa):

The beans below were the largest beans I have ever seen, they can grow to even 70cm long! They are called sword beans (紅刀豆, kanawalia szablasta).

Starfruit or carambola, both names sound pretty and tasty:

And the yummiest thing that we tried - wild maracuya also known as bush passion fruit (毛西蕃蓮, passiflora).

Believe it or not, the leaves of this Chinese mahogany (香椿) can also be eaten. They have an oniony taste.

Hot peppers (辣椒):

I have no idea what the rest of the plants is called. Can someone help me in naming them?

Is this kind of basil?

After trying many of the greens we continued our nature class. Children made little boats out of bamboo leaves and tried floating them in a nearby stream.

The second part of the nature class took place in a completely different place. Where? You'll find out soon.


  1. Z roślin zagadek: ta pierwsza ma listki jak fasolka szparagowa niskopienna:) A to trzecie to może jakiś krewniak zygokaktusa vel grudnika? Jak zwykle bardzo ciekawie na Waszej nauce przyrody. I smacznie:)


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