Fushui Village and Jiahe New Village 富水里 和 嘉禾新村

Few weeks ago, together with our nature class teacher, we visited another interesting historical place in the heart of Taipei. Right in the city center, in Gongguan District 公館區 , close to National Taiwan University 國立台灣大學 and Treasure Hill 寶藏嚴 there is a street where time has stopped.

This narrow street, or should I call it a lane, running parallel to the Xindian River, is the Fushui Village 富水村. Behind the houses on the side further away from the river is a wall and behind that wall a different settlement called Jiahe New Village 嘉禾新村. Two settlements are distinctively different although both of them were residences of Nationalist Army veterans. Jiahe New Village was inhabited by officers and higher ranking military personnel. The houses there were properly constructed, often two or three stories high. Fushui Village on the other hand was build illegally, the residents were the poorer veterans' families. Houses there were small, put together with the simplest materials. 
By now all the residents of Jiahe New Village have been relocated, the houses stand empty, the greenery is taking over. In Fushui Village there is still a small number of elderly people living there. 

The photos below are mainly from Fushui Village as during the class we could not access Jiahe New Village. 

Behind the gates below is the Jiahe New Village.

If you are more interested in the history of these two settlements please click HERE for Fushui Village and HERE for Jiahe New Village. The articles are very interesting and informative, there are also many great photos of the two communities.