Botanical Garden ... again

I am glad that Ania has an older brother who can help in emergency situations ;-)

Tuesday last week was a really busy day:
- in the morning Ania had gymnastics
- after gymnastics I had to come back home to pick up Jas and Zosia's high-school report (which she was preparing the previous night as it was due on Tusday
- drove Jas and Ania to the nature class (fortunately Jas did not have science class on that day)
- drove myself to the homeschooling review board meeting
- after the meeting picked up Jas and Ania and drove home
- helped Zosia finish packing and had a quick take-out dinner
- drove Zosia to the airport ... and said good-bye to her.
Busy, busy day!

The nature class took place at the Taipei Botanical Garden (just like few weeks earlier, you can read about the previous class HERE).

Jas didn't take camera with him so all the photos were taken with his phone that on that day did not want to focus nor zoom-in... He did take some notes, but it's rather difficult for me to understand them :-) So this time ... only photos:


Elephant apple fruit

Lotus pond

Just corn :-)